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    Rojo [pronounced ROW-ho, spanish word for red]. Rojo bags inherit the attributes of the color: power, courage, strength, warmth, energy and excitement.

    At Rojo, I'm passionate about and dedicated to the creation of timeless leather handbags with personality, flair and utility. Wear a Rojo, you'll make a statement.
    The Rojo backstory: I grew up in beautiful South Dakota ranch country which will always be home. My mom shared her creativity with me at an early age and taught me to sew while my dad taught me the values of hard work and perseverance. I've always liked to create. In design school, I had a keen interest in color, materials and contrast. In grad school, I studied business. For 16 years, I've paved a path in the digital advertising world building business for wonderful clients. All the while, in my heart, I've been a designer and entrepreneur.
    Over the years, much of my spare time has been spent on my leather sewing machine exercising my pre-Internet brain. I've designed and made everything from custom leather furniture to handbags to western leather horse tack. A few years ago, I made a bag that served as my laptop tote which is where my handbag venture began. That same bag style is now known as my Rojo Signature Shopper... still my go-to bag.
    Made in the USA is important to me so I spent a lot of time researching and interviewing until I found a great manufacturing partner in NYC, Baikal Handbags. The perfect leather was the next hurdle. I knew I wanted chunky single-layer handles paired with the highest quality body leather so I gathered hundreds of leather samples and attended leather fairs until I found the Italian tannery I now import all of my leather from. Custom hardware adds the finishing touch. Each bag is crafted with the finest materials and with a focus on detail and function. 
    My favorite color has always been red and my name was shortened to ro-jo when I was growing up. The name seemed to fit. 
    That's my Rojo story. I hope you enjoy a Rojo bag for years to come.
    Robin Z
    Owner | Designer